Computer Forensics Inc.

is a Canadian corporation that specializes in all aspects of digital forensic investigations and is based in the Greater Toronto Area with a Canada wide client base.

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Forensic Investigations | Expert Witness Testimony

Computers contain a wealth of artifacts that tell a story about its users, from the internet history to the deepest parts of the Windows registry. With trained investigators and the latest tools, CFI is ready to help you identify the areas of interest and highlight the relevant data to your case. We are thorough and our reports are second to none. Knowledgeable, Experienced, and Well-Respected in the legal community. We confidently stand behind our work and are always prepared to testify should your case require it.

Litigation Support | Anton Pillar Orders

With experience in thousands of legal cases across Canada our team is not only able to relay the technical details, but will do so in a manner that is easily understood.

Cell Phone Forensics | USB File Tracking | Forensic Imaging & Cloning

With the use of mobile devices continuing to skyrocket digital investigators must be up to date with the latest devices and operating systems. Our tools support the acquisition of thousands of mobile devices and we are constantly updating to ensure that we have the right tools to support the ever growing number of applications being housed on smart phones.

Forensic Sanitation of Media | Fraud and Theft

Sometimes it’s not good enough to just “delete”. Occasionally you want the assurance that the data is gone forever. Whether you are dealing with privacy issues, privilege or concerned with the safety of your personal data, we can assure your organization that the data is safely sanitized from your digital devices. We have a wide range of expertise in fraud and theft investigations. Our experience tells us that a computer or smart phone is almost always involved. We have Certified Fraud Examiners on staff who are also skilled in computer forensics, making us well qualified to handle your complete investigative requirements.

Computer Forensics Inc.

Computer Forensics Inc. is a Canadian corporation based in the Greater Toronto Area that specializes in all aspects of digital forensics, servicing clients across North America.

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